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We're Here to Help.   The Chet Levitt Fund for Employment Law is dedicated to ensuring fairness in the workplace by providing financial and other support for important cases to protect employee rights.

The Chet Levitt Fund makes small grants to cover specific litigation expenses, such as depositions, expert witnesses, and the printing of appellate records and briefs. Grants are not available to pay attorneys' fees.

Although many of the grants are modest in size, they repeatedly prove their value by helping workers and their advocates achieve favorable outcomes in employment cases.

Each grantee who achieves a favorable outcome is expected to pay back the grant amount with an additional contribution from the settlement or verdict. As the Chet Levitt Fund grows, so does our capacity to provide larger grants to protect employee rights.

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"One can sometimes feel lonely and vulnerable when representing the disadvantaged. Apart from the sheer value of the financial help, it is enormously gratifying to be reminded that others are engaged in similar efforts and that there is support available.

- Woodley Osborne, employee advocate and grant recipient

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