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"My client was fired one day after he had a medical emergency at work.  He was out of work for nine months.   The EEOC found reasonable cause to believe that his employer violated the ADA, but his employer would not discuss settlement.   A grant from the Chet Levitt Fund helped us take this worthy case to court."
David Wachtel, Esq.
Washington, DC

Lawyers interested in obtaining grants should provide the Fund with a description of the case, the expenses to be subsidized, the amount requested and a copy of the complaint.  Although not essential, copies of relevant or important orders or opinions entered in the case may be useful in reviewing your request for a grant. 

Who May Apply:  The request for a grant must be submitted by the attorney representing the client, and the case must have actually been filed before submitting a request for a grant to the Fund.  The Fund will not award grants where proposed litigation is dependent upon the receipt of a grant.  The Fund will not accept requests from individuals who are not represented by counsel.

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